Useful summary for on the day

Where is the event?

Location: Start and End point is Redmile Primary School (NG13 0GL)
Parking: Please do not park in Redmile village , follow the signs to the Viking Challenge car park where a Viking car park marshal will greet you

A few reminders:
  • Helmets must be worn you won’t be allowed to ride without one
  • No unicycles
  • No child’s tag along bikes
  • No bike trailers (with or without children)
  • No dogs allowed on the route or at the finish line
  • Children under 16s MUST be accompanied by an adult at all times
  • Children under 18 must have a parental consent form complete PARENTAL CONSENT FORM FOR UNDER 18s
  • Please bring appropriate spares with you – the marshals will not have spare parts. If you are in difficulty make your way to the nearest marshal point and we will recover you from there

  • You must register on the day to pick up your bike number
  • Come through to the school grounds and into the Marquee to register
  • Registration is open from 8 -9.45am with the first wave starting at 8.30am. Please arrive on site no more than 30mins before your wave start time

The Route

We mark our route with large viking challenge signs and our route team are out for two days before the event marking the route. They’ll be out early in the morning to make sure all is still well. We also have over 90 helpful marshals to point you in the right direction.

It’s really important that you take note of marshals and obey the Highway Code at all times. There will be signs warning you when you approach a road. Be aware of other road users. Marshals do not have authority to stop the traffic. Stay safe, we don’t like it when people get hurt!

In an Emergency

There are lots of marshals around the route who will have telephone contact with the school. St John’s Ambulance will be present with their ambulance to deal with any injuries and we have a recovery service for anyone who really can’t make it back. Contact should be made via marshals for these services.

In case of a serious accident you should always call 999. If you’re unsure of your location get someone to go to the nearest Marshall sign. The back of each Marshall sign is marked with with the school telephone number and the coordinates for that location. You should give the location to the emergency services and tell them where the accident is relative to that sign. Please only use the school telephone number in an emergency. There is only one line and it must be available for those who need it most.

We recommend that you download what3words on your mobile if you get stuck on the route and are not able to get to a marshal.

After the Ride

You’ll finish back on the school grounds where you’ll find free event catering in the Marquee. Don’t forget to pick up your Viking Challenge Certificate, have a massage and you can still purchase a celebratory t-shirt too!